What is Frii Wilii?

Frii Wilii is a revolutionary men's underwear design that allows men to virtually "go commando" without hurting themselves due to epididymal hypertension, otherwise, known as “blue balls.”

What makes the crotch design so different?

Frii Wilii has an iris that which allows the male member (Wilii) to be free of confinement—thus being “Frii.” The iris is cornice shaped, and it provides comfort for the male anatomy.

What covers the male anatomy when the male member is Frii?

Frii Wilii has a “veil” that which is partially sewn on each side as it covers the male member (Wilii).

Will the veil completely cover the male member?

The veil is not designed to completely cover the male member in all instances of Frii Wilii being worn.

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