Frii Wilii Foundation (FWF)


I’d like to share with you my simple, yet, effective goal.

I have learned to live with a purpose. My purpose is rooted in helping folks who desperately need relief from their perpetual or intermittent problems. I am driven and seeking the general welfare of others in need. By way of Frii Wilii, LLC (FW), funds will be generated in order to fulfill desperate needs. The idea behind FW is more than retail sales. The FW patent pending boxer briefs are exciting and offer a solution to men who choose to “go commando” without hurting themselves, but more importantly will be the launch of a Frii Wilii Foundation (FWF) that which will serve folks in the U.S. and abroad.

Your continued support will not only enable you to Frii Wilii, but it will also help less fortunate folks.10% of all profits will fund the FWF. That is right! By purchasing FW, you are helping those in desperate need. 

At this point, the FWF is not fully developed; however, the FWF will be funded from all sales starting as soon as October 2019. As I develop a FWF, mentoring and confiding with helpful Non-Profit Organizations will enable its maturity. 

While the Frii Wilii brand matures as the accepted solution to an otherwise boring brief, we welcome your questions or comments. Please feel Frii to personally contact me at or register the same on this website to keep in touch.

All love,