Protocol to Frii Wilii


To wrap your head around Frii Wilii without donning a pair opens your imagination to only wonder. There is one sure way to identify-dive in. Frii Wilii questions why we have been confined for so long.

The unique patent pending design of Frii Wilii is liberating for as long as they are worn. Conventional men’s underwear is confining for lefties, righties, and all the like. Frii Wilii maintains the most desired position of the male anatomy-down.

Having an expanding iris, and a veil, Frii Wilii allows for commando activity without being exposed. Frii Wilii substantiates comfort and support to the root. The expanding iris is an inhibition releaser while the veil reserves the right to take cover.

When it’s time to buy underwear, challenge the norm to experience Frii Wilii. Whether your dress attire is formal, casual, or active, identify with the feel good sentiment. You will undoubtedly lead the parade as you Frii Wilii.